The Infinity of Creation

northern exposures

I frequent the riverbank and its path is familiar, but each time yesterday’s canvas has been replaced by today’s. New art awaits my delight.


12 thoughts on “The Infinity of Creation

  1. Changes and life which goes on to complete its circle… It is exciting for me too, to see there and changes from your eyes and camera… Thank you dear Dave, with my love, nia

      1. Alaska days… You are Alaskan now. You have experienced how was to live there… You should make a book about your Alaskan days with your photographs… I can imagine the cover too… Be sure I would be the first one to want to have this book. Think of this dear Dave. Love, nia

    1. I was packaging spruce cones for you, but we discovered insect larvae in them, so we are pulling the cones out. Larvae and bugs, another circle. And you don’t need our bug circles in Istanbul!

    1. Okay, guess I have me summer planned for me. And I thought I was going to do nothing but sleep and play video games!

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