Reading Between the Lines

northern exposures, poetry

Meat on the table!


10 thoughts on “Reading Between the Lines

    1. Thank you, Claire. The photo is one of personal favorites of this year. As for “droll,” I’m embarrassed to say that I only discovered it’s meaning this past year!

    1. Thank you, most faithful follower! You know, there are feathers all up and down the river now. If a duck or goose comes in low, you could say it is on its final glide path. 🙂 Seriously, it was the grass that caught my eye first and i was trying to find the right composition to capture how it was all laid over flat from the receded flood waters. Then I discovered the little feather, and I knew that was the shot.

    1. I’m deeply touched by your words, Bente. It is somehow a humbling thing to know that others are moved by something you have done. Thank you.

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