Scruffy on Ice and Moose Chili

northern exposures

Scruffy. Some call him Dave…

Well, as you can see from the first photograph, grooming doesn’t count for much here. The kids laugh at me, though, when the wind poofs my hair. Don’t you think I make Einstein look pretty good? The winds have been very strong now for a week or more and until it dies down this will be my hair style.

Somebody took the picture of me so you could get an idea of the size of these ice flows. One of the old timers told me that they get much thicker, but I haven’t seen them. They certainly get much longer and wider. I’ve seen sheets go by that were 30 or 40 feet long. There is some debate around town about whether the river has truly gone out. Fort Yukon has suffered major floods at least five times. The 1949 flood was a very bad one and destroyed one third of the homes and damaged the rest as the ice “bergs” invaded the streets and crashed into the houses.

I made moose chili tonight. It tastes great but it’s a bit too spicy. Wish you were here to help me eat it!


18 thoughts on “Scruffy on Ice and Moose Chili

    1. Hej back, Irena! Just eight days of school left, then I can breathe again and catch up on visiting everybody’s sites. Last summer I stopped blogging, but this summer I think I will post about Texas. Feel like seeing something besides Alaska?

      1. Alaska is of course interesting, as not many of us know how it’s living there.But then again, I also don’t know Texas. You could blend them, whenever you feel like writing. I can also understand not feeling like writing sometimes.

          1. exactly, my words πŸ™‚ I think this is why we keep going,as we mainly do it for ourselves. It actually got me started in writing 3 short stories for children and a short story last night inspired by my last photo on blog, so this is a bonus πŸ˜‰ I though I was forgetting my Romanian and now I am trying my way with writings πŸ˜€ Not bad.

  1. It was a bit of a size on the ice, and fine hair welding you have. Alaska and Canada are two places that have inntrisert me for many many years and especially Youkon and the other mining towns. I’m glad I found your blog when I get to see more of these beautiful places. In addition, take great pictures and you are nice to talk to.
    Have a nice day = o)

  2. Nice pictures, Dave, includet the first one: Hi Dave! πŸ™‚ Guess you are now so tired of eating moose that you have to spice it up? The farmers who are moose-hunters around here eat moose almost everyday, in spaghetti sauce, pizza, taco, everything..

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