A Walk In the Woods

northern exposures


Thirty nine degrees F. Partly cloudy.

It is 10:45 pm as I glance out the window above my bed, and faint twilight still backlights the spruce stand behind our cabin. I walked along the slough today looking for color. The snow still lies deep but everywhere it is starting to melt. Twice I stepped off the trail to get these closeups, only to sink well above the top of my boots. Wet socks, but the weather was so nice that it didn’t bother me. For the moment, I have to be content photographing evidences of last year’s growth, like the alder cones above, and damage caused to the trees by our winter. But at least there is color.

It is 11 pm now and the last touch of twilight has just faded to nothingness.


14 thoughts on “A Walk In the Woods

    1. Hello, Nia! I will try to mail you a package this week. We are still collecting a few things for you and drawing you some pictures, but we are almost done. Sorry for the delayed reply, I am having intermittent internet problems.

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