Thorns On White

northern exposures, travels

Nine below and sunny.

This is a very thorny land. When I arrived last year, I didn’t realize just how thorny it can be. I was trying to rescue a four wheeler from a flooded trail. The water was above my knees and the 4-W was floating! It was May, just after the rivers broke up and I was dragging the 4-W through the ice cold water. My bare feet numbed, then my legs and I jumped out of the water onto the bank beside the trail. Big Mistake! Low thorns everywhere. This is not a barefoot kind of land. That happened an hour before we flew back to Texas and I had to walk the airports with those stickers in my feet. Ouch! They were tiny and didn’t come out for weeks.

I think these are nicely juxtaposed against the soft white of the snow. And far away from me.


6 thoughts on “Thorns On White

    1. The title “Thorns on White” was a veiled allusion to Christ. Thorns on the head of the pure one, which the scene reminded me of when I saw it.

  1. Yes, by reading your experiences I have been learning more about Alaska; and by watching your photograph I have been fascinated by the beauties of your camera. Thank you dear Dave, with my love, nia

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