The Road Home

life in a village

Four below and we’re about to lap you, Ralph!

This is one of those postcard like homes in our village. It looks to me like a horse drawn sled should be pulling into the drive, but of course our winters are too harsh for horses, so we have none.

Speaking of horses, last fall I took five of my students to Fairbanks to study gardening. We visited an impressive organic cooperative outside town and after a bit I realized the kids had left. They had discovered horses in an adjacent field and were feeding them garden variety vegetables. The horses were quite pleased about this. It really was an endearing site which I can’t fully describe to you. When it comes to seeing farm animals, our children are as underprivileged as New Yorkers, and from the looks on their faces those horses were angels from heaven.

In case you are wondering about the cryptic below the picture, Ralph is my father-in-law, and I am sure he will figure it out. For those of you not so scientifically inclined here’s a clue: think astronomical. Better yet, think sun. Oh, and one more bit of useful information, Ralph lives in the vicinity of Dallas, TX. If you solve what is about to be lapped, be sure to leave a comment. If you’re not sure, leave a guess!


12 thoughts on “The Road Home

  1. Wonderful photograph… and I was going to say like a postcard…. 🙂 Horses are so beautiful creatures… And I can feel and understand children… What a beautiful expression “….from the looks on their faces those horses were angels from heaven….” Do you know to be a student in your class should be so nice. I thought of this now. Maybe I can be a quest student, there. Do they accept me 🙂

    With my perfect language, as I understand that you are going to meet with Ralph! This should be so nice and so exciting after all these Alaska days… Thank you, dear Dave. Have a nice day, with my love, nia

    1. Your understanding of the cryptic is incorrect, but you are accepted as an honorary member of our classroom with pleasure. Your first assignment will be to write about your country and share it with the rest of your classmates. You must mail your completed assigment (so the kids can see stamps from your country) to: 7th Grade English/ Fort Yukon School/ Fort Yukon, AK, United States 99740/ attn: David Schuler.

      PS. Your paper will be graded on neatness and content but not on grammar.

      1. How I was sure… But my incorrect reply made me so HAPPY, I would have never thought this in all my life… You are n ot kidding with me, are you? Because I will write my first assignment as soon as possible and I will send to this address. I am so excited now. I hope students do not be very hard about my paper 🙂

        Thank you so much dear Sir, I will never forget this… Please let me know when you receive my paper.

        Have a nice day,
        with my love,

  2. mark thinks it means your days are about to be longer than our days. i was thinking more vaguely… something about the earth’s obit around the sun but that’s about as scientific as my mind can fathom. hey, can i share your photo on pinterest? (it’s like a virtual bulletin board for images)

      1. As I wrote on another post, my letter is on the way of Alaska and today I checked, it arrived to Germany. I am not sure where to go on but should be Anchorage then will fly to you 🙂 I sent this time with DHL, because by post office it would have probably took very long time, I know this because I sent hat for a squirrel (bald headed) to my friend Suzanne, she received in 10 days I think… I am excited so much for my assignment. Be sure, it’s been such a long time I didn’t write a letter like that, I hope you and your students not to get bored by my long handwriting (terrible) letter 🙂 Thank you, Have a nice day, with my love, nia

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