Soft and White

northern exposures

Eleven below. Snow depth 22 inches.

I hope you are not tired of the snow, our winter is not yet over. Before moving to the Alaskan interior I wondered many times what it might be like to live in a climate where the snow would come and stay. Would it seem unnatural to me, or grow wearisome? Sometimes you have to try a thing to find out how it fits you.

This winter’s first snow flurries arrived September 29, and for the past five months our world has been white. I cannot say that life here is free of difficulty; teaching is never easy. But the snow has been a blessing to me; it is my antidote against the day’s troubles.

I treasure my daily walks home. There is much to see and learn from the ever changing face of the snow. Yesterday the new fallen snow lay in soft mounds but today their tops have been sheared into anvils by the wind. I know every track along my path home, know where the rabbits like to run. The snowshoes leave large floppy footprints that seem funny to me, like Charlie Chaplin footprints. I check them everyday to see how time and wind have altered them. The snow two nights ago followed by today’s wind have removed almost every trace of their existence. Maybe my rabbit friends will pass this way again and leave me more prints to watch.


10 thoughts on “Soft and White

    1. Pretty soon, no more. Ooh! I just checked your page and saw the most beautiful photographs. Your summer rose did make me a bit jealous. This is the 16th day I have had this nagging sickness I mentioned and your photographs have warmed me up from the inside. I love cats and your’s are meow-velous!

  1. I never get bored with snow photographs… I love snow in photographs… 🙂 Have you noticed dear Dave, there is a heart in the second photograph. Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

  2. Nice Dave. Love both words and images. How about those enduring low temperatures that you have there, along with all that deep snow?

    1. We are to have warmer weather this week! Or so they predict. Lindsay tells me we may reach 1 degree F tomorrow! Six or seven more weeks of the snow, then I’ll have some different subjects for my camera’s eye.

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