Frosted Grass

northern exposures, Reflections

Fourteen below. 9 hours 56 minutes daylight.

This was taken at 10:40 am. The sun is still low on the southern horizon but it is traveling a shallow arc from left to right and has been up for quite a while. There is nothing distinctive about the picture; I mean, you can’t tell it’s Alaska by the look of it. It could be a scene in Ohio or Texas or just about anywhere. But I know.

The grass is completely encased in frost although it does not show as well as I had hoped it would. I’d like to try a macro shot of a single frosted blade silhouetted against the sun. I’m not at all unhappy with this photograph, I’m just analyzing the results and considering ways to improve them even while the image is still “wet in the tray” to borrow an old metaphor (well, maybe I made that metaphor up). I think I must have gotten this urge to keep perfecting something from my dad. Some might say that I never seem to be happy with what I have done, but that isn’t the case. I enjoy the processes of analysis and refinement and my enjoyment of photography would be greatly diminished if I were not able to post-tinker (I’m certain I made up this word) with my pictures.


8 thoughts on “Frosted Grass

  1. It is what it is, David. I (and I am sure a lot of viewers) don’t expect every photo to be spectacular, radiant, and amazing. Life goes on everyday and everyday is different. Sometimes the day/night is or has a magnificant moment, but we cannot forget that most of the moments are less than glorious. Some moments are at rest. We need the rest. Some moments have a silence to them, we need silence for contemplation. Even the very smallest and unimportant moment is filled with God and placed there like the 7th day for our rest and peace and praise.
    What I see in this photo is just that, an assurance of God’s strength and hope in Him. In the background the horizontal land mass meets the sky in a peacefull and confident calm created by a diffused sun, while the foreground speaks to the assertiveness of long time growth and rebirth . It is a value study in life, and it meets my needs. I love it’s simplicity and at the same time it’s complexity. It makes no requirements on my need to know but it fulfills my comfortable friendship with Earth.

  2. “…..Fourteen below. 9 hours 56 minutes daylight…..”

    The story starts with these words, dear Dave. The photograph hits me. Because completes the essence of this writing… Frosted Grass. I loved it.

    On the other hand, what I love and loved in this written piece, your writing style, especially in a short way to express a great touches of words, fascinated me once again.

    Thank you for this enjoyable reading that you shared with us. The Sun be with you, with my love, nia

    1. I thought of the title because it sounded like “frosted glass,” which is a kind of glass that has been etched so that it is not clear. Also, in the United States we have “frosty mugs of root beer” and in my home town there is a cake shop called “Frosted Art.”

      1. …. “Frosted Art”…. seems that the weather conditions being an inspiration too for the people in there… Every time being so interesting to read you. Thank you dear Dave, with my love, nia

    1. Ha! I just made it up. The word “tinker” means to to attempt to mend or repair something, but not in a very serious way, but it has come to mean more than that in common usage. You might say, “I think I’ll tinker around in the kitchen,” meaning you might work in you kitchen, or bake something, or clean it up. I added the “post-” to it, to convey the idea that I like to keep think of ways to improve my pictures, even after I have finished them.

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