Two Paths

northern exposures

Can’t decide which of these I like the best. What do you think: A or B?




22 thoughts on “Two Paths

  1. Definitely A. The way the picture is framed makes it look like a doorway into a different wintery world. And you can see the red tinting on the right hand tree with better detail, which is interesting.

    1. Thank you Lehcim for weighing in. I’ve always been a very independent editor of my own work and usually don’t let anybody see anything but the few I squeeze out of the many I take. But this time I needed your help. How did you get the name wormwood, anyway. Is it an allusion to C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters?

      1. Hey there. So I use the name Wormwood because I occasionally make strange artsy frames and furnishings out of wood which you can see in the “folk art” section on my website — and it’s the star that falls from the sky and turns the sea into blood during the the “end times.” Plus I like absinthe. 🙂
        Though, I’m curious where did you catch that I use the alias Wormwood?

        1. Well, now that you mention it, I don’t remember. It must have been from your site, or another if you have one. I definitely saw it somewhere. I’ll have to go back and see how I snooped that out! And see your “folk art.”

          I’d lay off the absinthe…

        2. Maybe on your collective dream journal page somewhere, or, although I’m wondering if it was on your about page where you list lots of alias – maybe you changed that? I remember looking over all your sites. Man, you have an imagination cooking on the stove! 🙂

  2. Both good Dave. I lean slightly to B – has a slightly more open feel to it because of the space left on the left hand side. Like your control of exposure – tricky stuff snow and there’s plenty of details in the whole scene. Regards, Steve

    1. I think each emphasizes different things and that is why it has been hard for me to choose between the two. B has an open feel to me as well and that is what I like about that one. I wish I could take credit for controlling the exposure, but my old Nikon L22 point and shoot doesn’t encourage photographers to exercize much of that!

    1. I wanted to walk down that path, but it was too beautiful to spoil with my footprints. Thank you, Bente, for following the blog!

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