Low Down

northern exposures

I do love silhouettes! Lucky for me, we have many hours of sun low down on the horizon so I can scour the countryside hunting for them. I shot quite a few nice ones last weekend. The sky was clear except for a low haze that obscured our sun. It served as a very pleasing diffuser.

Here is a line of willows back lit by the sun’s diffused rays. The Alaskan Fish and Wildlife Service says there are 29 varieties in the interior of our state. That would be 29 varieties and 29 trillion individual willows, just in our village. They breed like rabbits and especially like planting themselves along the waterways like guardians to our sloughs and rivers. There are short shrubby willows and tall gangly ones. They hang around each other like Laurel and Hardy, or could it be Abbot and Costello?


4 thoughts on “Low Down

    1. Hello, fellow blogger! I have certainly enjoyed your writing as well. If anybody else is reading this, you should check out Roland’s site for some great reading!

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