Animal Tracks

northern exposures

Two below. 9 hours 4 minutes daylight.

Walking about is pure joy. I have been boasting that the darkness of the past few months didn’t affect me, and it is true. But the light has lifted my spirits and I have no wish to go backward. I’ll keep the light, thank you. I’m intrigued with all the animal tracks. There are many kinds and they are everywhere. I ask the kids what animal might have made them, but they aren’t experienced enough to be sure. This path follows a slough.


9 thoughts on “Animal Tracks

  1. Love these games….looks like two different animals. The one that veers off to the left looks like an animal that places on foot in front of the other in a single line. the one that goes to the right makes a track with the left feet and one with the right feet so the track is doubled and wider. A wolf and a rabbit?

  2. Yesterday was our first real sunny day for a long time. Today was back to the usual rain, and gray heavy clouds. My spirits went up and down like a yo-yo! I’ll keep the light too, thank you!
    Have you worked out what animal left these tracks yet? Me, I have no idea! Regards, Steve

    1. Well, one of the boys said the single track might be fox, but it is in town, so I’m thinking it could just be a dog. I’m wondering if the crossing track could be a small rabbit. It seems to me like too many prints, but it could be that a rabbit passed through more than once, creating more prints than usual.

      Oh, about the rain, I always enjoyed rain down south but it has been so long since I’ve seen rain that I can’t imagine what it is like to have a lot. Sorry your weather is running you up and down the string.

  3. Tracks that take them with me onto a journey into a wondrous world. I happily accept that invitation and thank you for letting me into that scene!


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