Rhythm of Our World

northern exposures

Zero degrees.

On the way home today I passed a neighbor and she greeted me. Nancy is a leading citizen of our village and a woman of few words. I was deeply honored.

“Good afternoon.”

“Nice sunlight today.”

I started at her words; they were odd to me. I had never heard them before and as she walked on by I couldn’t stop thinking about them. The newness of the thought rolled around in my mind and found their context in the long, dark months I had just experienced. Of course! What could possibly be a more cheerful greeting, in this place, on this day? “Nice sunlight today.” The sunlight is foremost on our minds and we have been blessed with many cloudless days of late. Our skies are sunny, we are grateful, and every day is 7 minutes longer than the one before. Sunlight and darkness are the rhythm of our world.


6 thoughts on “Rhythm of Our World

  1. Great image and again great text!
    Yes, sunlight and darkness are the rhythm of our world, and “Nice sunlight today” is a cheerful greeting!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting me! Honestly, the cold doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me, and I was born and raised in Texas. It just gives me lots of excuses for hot chocolate. With that, I can face anything. Hey, I just visited your site and left a comment. The things you make a absolutely beautiful. Do you sell the things you make?

  2. This is another point hits me always… between day and night or between sunlight and darkness time passes as alwasy…. How nicely expressed the feeling of these days… Thank you dear Dave, with my love, nia

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