Extreme Cold

northern exposures, travels

Day three of sixty below.

At last the cold has arrived. Lindsay did not attend the workshop in Anchorage with me, so while I was away she faced the cold snap alone. Last Saturday the temperature plummeted to sixty below and stayed that way until this afternoon when it climbed into the 50’s. Lindsay stayed warm in our cabin and had no problems with our heat and water. I am very, very grateful for having such a well constructed cabin. It is not perfect but it doesn’t let you down when extreme cold comes to town. Many villagers are not so fortunate. Severe weather like this means propane heaters fail and even fuel oil furnaces begin having trouble as the oil begins to gel. We are all on alert.

Our school does not close when the temperatures are severe although some of our students stay home. I expect the school is a warmer, safer place than some of our cabins here. At least it has backup systems in case the primaries go out.

Temperatures are supposed to moderate this week. But one old timer told me that our cold snaps usually hit in February, and he wonders if that means more cold still lies ahead of us.


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