Spirit Warmer

northern exposures

Twenty six below. Snow depth 20 inches.

Funny how we take for granted what we have plenty of but yearn for what we lack. We gain a minute of sun everyday, and every one of them is precious. Recently one of my students stepped outside and caught a glimpse of the sun peering through the trees. “Oh, the sun,” she sighed. Last Sunday I walked uptown and by chance saw these sunbeams breaking through the spruce – there a moment, gone the next. My spirit quickened, Sol withdrew its light and I sighed (as she did). I must not forget.


2 thoughts on “Spirit Warmer

  1. The sun is amazing… Actually we all say or accept that the sun is sun and same in everywhere…. BUT no, not same… as this photograph I can see how strong and how amazing… Doesn’t look like the sun that I am used to see in here… Geographical realities and also the atmosphere, etc. they are all reason for this…. should be like that. I can die for these moments Thank you dear Dave, this is so beautiful sun touches I have never seen before… With my love, nia

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