Walking the River

northern exposures

7 degrees. Snow depth 8 inches.

It has been snowing in the evenings, but today  is sunny and pleasant. The sun is low in the south even at noon, maybe 15 degrees above the horizon and getting lower every day. I don’t want to miss any of the few remaining days of sunlight, so I go for an hour’s walk down by the Yukon. As I stop to take a picture of a fog bank on the river, a truck pulls by slowly and stops. The window rolls down and a camera comes out. Snap! Then a faceless voice speaks out, “Try from here, this is a better view.” I walk forward and see that the photographer is D, a resident who works in our school as an aid. She’s right, too, her view is better, spectacular and Lindsay plans to use the picture on her blog. Down the road the spruce bows are weighed down heavy with snow, but there is still room for more, and snow is in the forecast for the next three days. I hope I hope I hope!

A grizzly bear was seen on the outskirts of town yesterday, about a half mile from our cabin. Our special ed teacher, Mary, lives there, and in the night her cat went crazy, hissing at the window. Mary is sure it was the bear. Our neighbors have dog teams next door; they are the ultimate alarm system, so we aren’t concerned. No bear in its right mind is going to come close to so many dogs.

We had a post office worker once (not any more) who had a nifty sideline job. If you shipped a box out of Fort Yukon and paid cash, she would pocket your money and send the package C.O.D.! Everybody’s got to earn a living…


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