Winter Nears

northern exposures

The pale green areas are stands of deciduous trees whose leaves have mostly fallen

There is no turning back once temperatures begin to fall. They just keep falling. Two weeks ago the highs were in the 60’s. Now they are in the 40’s. When we arrived seven weeks ago, we were serenaded by ravens all day long. Did you know that they make so many different sounds that their vocalizations have to be grouped into 33 categories? They can even mimic humans, and I have heard them make a most unusual sound like dripping water. Now almost all the serenading has ended and I suppose most of our feathered friends are seeking warmer land to the south. Lindsay says at least some of the ravens will winter here with us.

This morning an uncommon and blustery swooshing of trees woke me before dawn. I listened, welcoming the sound like a long lost friend; it is almost always calm here on the flats. It was a chilly 33 degrees as we left for school and the wind nipped through my jeans as I road on the open back of the rez-mobile. We were promised snow yesterday and today, but there was none. It was 40 degrees when we returned home. We have not begun to use our fuel oil yet, but soon our little electric radiator will be inadequate for keeping the chill out.


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