Nitzi Three

life in a village, northern exposures

We pass dozens of rosehip patches, but we are hungry and looking for a meadow where we can make our campfire and cook our lunch. Our trail takes us a bit higher and the rosehip patches dwindle, so we pull over and strike up a fire. Out come the hot dogs, the mustard, the mayo and relish. We whittle some willow branches into sharply pointed hot dog skewers and set to work. Man, are those dogs tasty!

The girls roast marshmallows and somehow I miss out on those, but that’s okay. I wander off to take a few photographs. Soon we clean up camp, dowse the fire and head back, stopping to gather rosehips all along the way. We find a few high-bush cranberries, too. That’s lucky for us because their season has peeked and most are gone now. We each gather a gallon of fruit and, with regrets, head home.


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