northern exposures

My friend Doris calls this stoneberry. Look carefully over to the right and you will see little red berries. They apparently aren’t very good to eat by themselves because they are pretty seedy, but Doris told me how to prepare a native dish that uses them.

Make dry meat using whatever is available, but around here caribou or moose is preferred. Texans would call this jerky, but here it is made by cutting thin slices of meat, marinading it and hanging it out to air dry. I’ve seen this done and the humidity here is so low that sliced meat will dry in as little as two days!

Boil the bones of your caribou or moose until all the grease rises to the top. Ladle off the grease and let it cool.

Pound the dry meat to pieces, add the congealed fat and a handful of the stoneberries for texture and mix well. Round spoonfuls into balls, and voila! You have a source of protein that doesn’t need refrigeration.


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