Our Town

life in a village

(Thank you, Mr. Wilder)

Welcome to Fort Yukon, our home. It is the largest of the villages in the Yukon Flats School District which reaches out across 10,000 square miles of interior Alaska, mostly above the Arctic Circle. I thought you might like to see some of it…

This is our school where I teach 32 wonderful kids, grades 7 through 12. We have very good basketball teams, and the girls went to the state championship tournament. Two of our 9th graders and two of our 5th graders were invited to the Alaskan State Science Fair in Fairbanks this year, and the 5th graders went on to win first place at the National Science Fair held in Arizona! Their project evaluated contamination rates of our local landfills upon the Yukon River.

The Tribal Council. This is the heart of Fort Yukon, where the tribal elders meet to consider the welfare of our village and to conduct its government. Every village has its own elders.

 This is the old clinic. It has been replaced now by a newer  facility, but the staff still use these buildings for lodging.

Below is our new clinic. I have not yet visited it, but I have met one of the traveling nurses who is very kind and knowledgeable.

The Fort Yukon Health Center

The Episcopal Church

We have three churches in town. The Episcopal church is just down the street from our house.

The Baptist Church

The Baptist Church is next to the school. The pastor teaches music at the school and his wife works in our administration building. They are very kind.

The Assembly of God

The Assembly of God also meets near the school.

Gwandak Radio, KZPA 900 AM on your dial...


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